Changing Policy

Knowing that supportive public and social policies can advance our vision of “Every school a community school,” NCCS partners with colleagues at the city, state, and national levels to educate policymakers about the core components and results of this research-based strategy. We also help colleagues craft local policies that can be presented to their boards of education; and we frequently host study visits to our New York City community schools for delegations of elected officials from cities across the United States and from other countries:
  • National:  The Children’s Aid Society is a founding and active member of the Coalition for Community Schools, the country’s leading advocacy organization for community schools.  NCCS serves on the coalition’s policy committee and regularly participates in national advocacy events in Washington, D.C.
  • State:  Children’s Aid works with New York State colleagues to advocate for state funding and policies that support the comprehensive community schools strategy as well as specific components, such as school-based health and out-of-school time. 
  • Local:  We are actively engaged in the Coalition for Community Schools Excellence, a recently organized citywide network that is supporting the expansion of community schools across New York City.
  • Other Policy-Related Work:  The NCCS team has helped several other cities and districts develop supportive community school policies. And we have hosted delegations of elected officials from several national and international locations, including California, England, and the Netherlands.