Building Capacity

As a strategy for organizing school and community resources around student success, community schools require knowledge of each specific local context. The NCCS team works with colleagues at each site to understand their strengths and challenges, including their political and economic circumstances, in order to provide customized implementation assistance—including consultation, training, strategic planning facilitation, and sustainability advice—designed to build their local capacity to implement the community schools strategy at both the school site and systems levels:
  • Consultation:  We consult with colleagues on all aspects of community schools implementation, from initial planning to long-term sustainability, and from creating one school to developing a citywide system.
  • Training:  Our team can offer professional development workshops on over 50 topics, including community schools and all their component parts (out-of-school time, family engagement, health and mental health services).
  • Facilitation:  Our skillset includes convening diverse groups of stakeholders and helping them plan an approach to community schools that is tailored to the specifics of their local communities. 
  • Sustainability:  Our team is trained in the Finance Project’s sustainability planning methodology—a proven eight-element approach that we have applied to community schools in New York and in cities and districts across the country.