What results have Community School achieved?

A recent synthesis of the work of mature community schools initiatives, conducted by the Coalition for
Community Schools, found multi-faceted gains:
  • improved academic performance in both reading and math;
  • improved student and teacher attendance;
  • reduced dropout rates and improved graduation rates;
  • improved behavior;
  • gains in indicators of positive youth development, such as leadership and conflict resolution skills;
  • greater parent involvement;
  • community benefits, such as better use of school buildings and safer neighborhoods
The Children’s Aid Society has contributed to this developing knowledge base through a variety of external evaluation studies conducted since 1992 by teams from Fordham University, the Education Development Center, ActKnowledge and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Taken together, these studies show a variety of positive results from implementation of the Community Schools strategy: improved student achievement; increased parental involvement; higher student and teacher attendance; improved school climate; decreased special education referrals; and improve mental and physical health.